Extreme Fear Hauntings


Welcome to Extreme Fear Hauntings

As you near the Haunt you travel through darkened cemeteries, where more than 9,000 spirits have been interred. In the dark of night many of their lost souls rise from their graves, and travel through the surrounding area seeking forgiveness and peace. As nightly travelers they often pass through the old Maple Ridge buildings and grounds in their search for solace.

Join Grimoire, the Grave Keeper, as he works diligently to keep the spirits contained to the cemetery. In the darkness you can’t see, but you can hear the digging in the dirt as the tortured souls try to escape their plots to haunt the building and grounds.

Through the church door, stop and make sure to say your prayers, before venturing into the darkness. Tour the Haunted Mansion where things that lurk and go bump in the night will find you. If you make it through the doors the best of luck…. Discover mysteries and treasures from times long ago. Many ghosts of the past make themselves at home here, enjoying the amenities while spooking the living. Be on the lookout for the apparition of a young girl, who likes to play with all the toys.

Do you hear the beating of blood as it circulates through their hearts? Do you feel a chill of what’s to come? Venture through the terrifying Hospital, Asylum and Morgue and view the more gruesome side of life. Prior to leaving make sure you have all your organs.

Beyond the walls of the Morgue resides the very places of your worst nightmares, where evil dreams turn into stark reality. In and out of total darkness, you will find yourself shivering with terror. Suddenly your blood runs cold as you realize you're not sure if you will ever see the light of day again.


We are open select dates in September & October (in green) from 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Special lights on/no jump scares matinee, October 19, 20, 26 & 27, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Ticket Price: $36 Per Person + service fees & HST. Timed tickets will go on sale September 15, 2024. We recommend advanced ticket purchases. Subject to availability.

Matinee tickets: $10 Per Person + tax. Tickets on sale at the door- no ticket pre-sales for matinees October 19, 20, 26 & 27.


A portion of the proceeds benefit
Camp Quality


Extreme Fear Hauntings is located at 12820 County Road 43, Chesterville, ON K0C1H0.

We offer a 75-car parking lot on site.